Welcome To FLORAGEAR™ Systems for Serious Growers™

Welcome To FLORAGEAR™ Systems for Serious Growers™

Feb 15th 2014

Welcome to FLORAGEAR™, the home of Systems for Serious Growers. We're all about supporting forward-thinking home, craft, and professional/commercial indoor gardeners with the latest innovations in grow gear - at the best prices. 

Our FLORA X line of full-spectrum LED lighting systems is case in point. Our two initial products, the FLORA X6 (4x4 bloom, 5x5 veg) and the FLORA X4s (2x2 bloom, up to 4x4 veg) feature high-performance OSRAM LED lights designed and engineered for many years of rugged reliability.

These high-perrformance LED grow lights can be used as standalone systems or can be daisy-chained via as part of up to a 100-light system, connected via a standard RJ14 hardwired system. 

And, there will be new FLORAGEAR products soon, so check back often

We invite your inquiry by email or phone: 888-529-9025