FLORA X4s™ 240w LED V2 Full-Spectrum Grow Light - 3' x 3' With Built-In Dimmer

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The FLORA X4s™ LED V2 grow light is perfect as a standalone light for small tents or as an 'entourage' lamp within a larger HPS or CMH grow.

Made for the serious grower, and featuring OSRAM LEDS, the FLORA X4s is the ideal system for veg/flowering/bloom spaces up to 3'x3'.



Inventronics 0-10v LED Driver with Built-In Dimmer

Efficiency: 2.1 μmol/J

PPF: 525μmol/s

Input Voltage: AC 100-277v

3-Year Warranty


Designed and made for rugged reliability, its 240w of full-spectrum LED light provides steady input required for plants to reach full genetic potential during both vegetative and bloom stages. Can be part of up to 100-light system using a RJ14 hardwired network.

Engineered to operate in damp spaces: clear lens shield protects from moisture. 3-year warranty.

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